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dermaviduals® bespoke dermatological skin care

dermaviduals® skin care designed, uniquely for you.

Customised for your skin and its condition.

Most skin cares are basic off the shelf products, that offer a one size fits all approach. dermaviduals® is different because they understand, like your fingerprint, no two skins are the same: even identical twins age differently. It is not just a generic skin care range, it is a science-based solution, formulated for your unique skin profile. dermaviduals® – the future of skincare is available at Define by Jill – the Hawkesbury and Western Sydney’s approved dispenser of dermaviduals® bespoke dermatological skin care.

Ready to start your journey to radiant skin? First, get an Advanced Skin Analysis with our Corneotherapist. Second, fill your dermaviduals® prescription. Third, start using your skincare twice a day. Watch your complexion transform.


Skincare is no longer a one size fits all.

You will not find dermaviduals® in stores or available all over the internet. dermaviduals® is an exclusive skincare range recommended by professional skin therapists, used by professional skin therapists and available to you at Define by Jill.

Start your journey to radiant skin today in easy 3 Steps…



BOOK A FREE dermaviduals® Advanced Skin Analysis with a trained Define by Jill Clincial Corneotherapist, who can identify your unique skin profile, and formulate your prescription. Book your Advanced Skin Analysis TODAY!



Our Corneotherapist will explain your analysis results and formulate your dermaviduals® prescription skin care products. Don’t worry, we keep a record of your unique profile, and products for you to easily use in the future.



Contact Define by Jill on 02 4577 4234 to order your formulated dermaviduals® skin care prescription products. Otherwise, if you feel that your skin needs have changed, or something is different, simply return to Step 1.

dermaviduals® bespoke dermatological skin care

Why choose dermaviduals® as your go-to skin care?

Because it works.

dermaviduals® work by utilising the purest ingredients from around the world combined with science, innovation and proven research to create skin care customised for your skin and its condition. So, before we can dispense dermaviduals® products you must have a current prescription with Define by Jill. If you do not have a prescription with us or feel that your skin has changed, book an Advanced Skin Analysis NOW!

dermaviduals® skincare treatments

The skin care story

Based on decades of research and development, the dermaviduals® bespoke skin care range has achieved global success amongst top health professionals, skin aestheticians, cosmetic clinicians like Define By Jill, and of course your skin.

dermaviduals® are manufactured by KoKo GmbH & Co.KG to the demanding standards of Dr Hans Lautenschläger, an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry.

Like a fingerprint, your skin is unique, and from that concept, the dermaviduals® personalised approach to skincare was created. In 1994, Dr Hans Lautenschläger and his team of research experts designed a bespoke skin care range to treat individual skin types and conditions, setting them apart from other conventional products available—then and now.

A tailored philosophy

Central to the dermaviduals® philosophy is corneotherapy: the science of maintaining and restoring healthy skin. This unique approach treats your skin as a living organ, utilising products that mimic skin structure and function, while ensuring skin preservation and overall health.

No two skins are alike, so dermaviduals® products are formulated to provide a tailored approach to suit the needs of individual skin types and conditions.

dermaviduals® state-of-the-art, aseptic laboratories produce corneotherapeutic skin care products without unwanted microorganisms and conventional preservatives. The range contains only the purest of ingredients from around the world, and are free from fragrances, conventional emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, silicones, amines, mineral oils and colours.

Methodology that delivers

Ground-breaking technology provides the platform for a skin-mimicking concept that is customisable using a derma membrane structure and active concentrates.

The dermaviduals® range includes serums encapsulated in liposomes (nanoparticles), that effectively penetrate and disperse active ingredients to your skin. On release, the active agents permeate your skin’s barrier in a pure and safe way, for optimal delivery. Similarly, base creams are uniquely formulated with a derma membrane structure (DMS) use physiological ingredients that help strengthen the first barrier of skin defence. Reflecting the structure and function of your skin’s cell membranes and the bilayers of the epidermis.

Our Define By Jill Corneotherapists curate personalised skin care solutions just for you.

A physiological skin care and cosmetics range

dermaviduals® optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent the premature skin aging process.

dermaviduals® support both preventive care to avoid problem-skin and provide adequate care for existing skin concerns while significantly improving your skin condition. dermaviduals® products are also highly recommended for the care of condition-free, less sensitive and young skin. Skin sensitivity, skin conditions and the varying care they need is on the increase. These unique skins, just like yours need well-funded and dermatology-oriented professional advice and above all skin care which is adjusted to their individual skin, that is what dermaviduals® delivers.

dermaviduals® correspond to the principles of corneotherapy.
Corneotherapy sets the standard of the physiological criteria to maintain a healthy skin. Learn about corneotherapy here.

dermaviduals® are free of preservatives listed in the European Cosmetic Directive.
Preservatives of the European Cosmetic Directive generally show an allergic potential.

dermaviduals® are free of fragrances.
Fragrances contain allergic compounds or form them under the influence of sun radiation and atmospheric oxygen. Essential oils in cleansing products are specifically indicated.

dermaviduals® are free of mineral oils and mineral waxes.
Mineral oils and waxes are not physiological and are not biodegradable in the skin.

dermaviduals® are free of silicones, siloxanes and polysiloxanes.
Organic silicon compounds are not physiologic and not biodegradable in the skin.

dermaviduals® are free of dyes.
Ingredients indicated by CI-codes are exclusively natural pigments like iron oxides.

dermaviduals® are free of non-physiological, not biodegradable chelating agents.
Many common cosmetic ingredients such as EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) are regarded as not degradable.

dermaviduals® are free of amines used for neutralising purposes.
These ingredients tend to be transformed into carcinogenic nitrosamines under the influence of atmospheric air.

dermaviduals® exclusively contain biodegradable tensides in cleansing products.
Tensides are specifically indicated.

dermaviduals® contain physiologic phospholipids.
Phosphatidylcholine, hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine are constituents of bio membranes and substitute persistent and non-physiological emulsifiers.

dermaviduals® with cream character possess a derma membrane structure (DMS).
DMS chemically and physically corresponds to the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier.

dermaviduals® products are only available in dermatological practices with affiliated cosmetic division as well as in beauty institutes and authorised pharmacies.
Define by Jill is an affiliated dispensary clinic for dermaviduals® scripts and products.

dermaviduals® are available worldwide.
Most of the products are protected by patent.

Learn more about dermaviduals® skin diagnosis, skin care and applications for the skin with susceptibility to acne, atopic skin, erythema as well as cornification and barrier disorders and skin protection in numerous publications are available here.

dermaviduals® emphasises that besides the large variety of finished products our product concept also allows to individually adapt creams, masks, packs, lotions as well as massage and ultrasound media with active agent concentrates to the specific skin conditions. This enables trained clinics, like Define by Jill to practically treat any type of skin condition with as fewer products as possible.

Moreover dermatics in the form of extemporaneous preparations are always developed for dermatology and pharmacy from base creams which are conform to the European pharmacopoeia. The formulations are written down in a monography that is readily available for pharmacies.

Studies on the practical use of dermaviduals® products have been carried out on national and international level. Define by Jill work with an evolving detailed product handbook, and have undertaken a multitude of training courses for professional application and dispense of dermaviduals® products.

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