Bespoke Dermatological Skin Care

Skin Kit Clarity

The Skin Clarity Kit contains all your clear skin essentials in a handy cosmetic case:

  • Cleansing Gel (30mL)
  • Lotion P (30mL)
  • Liposome Concentrate Plus (20mL)
  • PlutioDerm Plus (50mL)


  1. Cleanse the entire face and neck with Cleansing Gel.
  2. Prep and treat the skin with Lotion P.
  3. Use Liposome Concentrate Plus as a spot treatment or on areas as specified by your skin treatment therapist.
  4. Moisturise with PlutioDerm Plus.

Also used in the treatment of

  • Acne
  • Corneotherapy


To order dermaviduals® from Define by Jill contact our clinic on 02 4577 4234. Before we can dispense dermaviduals® skincare products you must have a current prescription with Define by Jill. If you do not have a prescription with Define by Jill or feel that your skin has changed, please book an Advanced Skin Analysis, so we can formulate your personalised dermaviduals® skin care products.

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