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Guided Ultrasound

Treatment 15-30 minutes
Preparation Not required
Downtime None
Discomfort O O O O O
Clarius Portable Pocket Handheld Ultrasound Scanners

Clarius Ultra-High Frequency Linear Ultrasound is the leading choice for aesthetics practitioners to clearly visualise facial and superficial anatomy in real-time to safely guide you through your treatment.

Unlocking the magic with Clarius Ultrasound

Dermal fillers are your best friend when it comes to getting that radiant, smooth, and youthful look you deserve. At Define By Jill, our mission is to enhance your natural beauty, softly and subtlety. To achieve the best results possible we can offer non-invasive guided ultrasound as part of your treatment. Ultrasound gives you extra confidence and us powerful insight to accurately identify sensitive, problematic, and complex features like arteries and existing areas of filler – when you need that extra layer of assurance.

Why we use ultrasound for your treatment

Checking your anatomy before the magic: Ever wondered how we make sure we are on the right track? We use ultrasound to check your specific anatomy in those more sensitive zones like the nose, temple, and forehead. By harnessing the magic of ultrasound, we go more than skin deep and get a sneak peek at what lies beneath your dermal barrier. Ultrasound helps us minimise risks and ensures we are as careful as possible, all before your treatment begins!

Real-time wonder with ultrasound-guided injectables: Define By Jill has the option to perform ultrasound-guided injections for certain procedures. This means our skilled injectors can see precisely where the injection is going in real-time. It is a game-changer, especially when we are working close to those delicate blood vessels. Ultrasound is an unparalleled safety net for your assurance and our accuracy.

Ultrasound is our second set of eyes: If your filler has wandered where it should not be, ultrasound becomes our trusty tool. It helps us figure out where the misplaced filler is and how deep it may have gone. This insight guides a spot-on dissolving process so you experience less discomfort and require less filler down the road. Plus, we can verify the success of the dissolution during your follow-up checks.

Avoid complications with ultrasound: Should the rare occurrence of vascular occlusion happen, ultrasound becomes our skin detective. It shows us where the occlusion is, helping us direct the hyalase injection with precision. We can also confirm that the occlusion has been effectively treated.

How you benefit from the marvels of ultrasound

So, how does this ultrasound actually work? We start by applying a gel to the ultrasound device to glide smoothly over your treatment area. The device then works its magic with ultrasound waves that dive beneath your skin, unveiling a visual map of your facial layers. No bone can hide from it, and fluid-filled features like blood vessels become crystal clear.

Ultrasound puts you in the safest of hands

Our main aim with ultrasound is safety, incredible results, and managing complications with superior attention to detail. If any filler-related issues come your way, we can call upon ultrasound to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Bonus tip: Regularly using ultrasound keeps our team fully educated on your needs and enhances our understanding of anatomy and its quirks.

Remember, lovelies, if you ever notice an issue with filler that just won't budge, don't hesitate to seek the help of a trusted professional at Define By Jill. Ultrasound can work wonders to locate the filler and dissolve it swiftly, ensuring a quick and easy solution.

At Define By Jill, we're all about your safety and satisfaction. So, let ultrasound be the superhero behind your glowing, confident self.💫


We use ultrasound when and if needed for your particular treatment. We always discuss potential costs with you before proceeding with a non-invasive ultrasound assessment.


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