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Skin Tightening

Treatment 60 minutes
Preparation Not required
Downtime None
Discomfort O O O O O
Ultraformer MPT

Ultraformer MPT uses safe, trusted, and non-invasive ultrasound technology to tighten, lift, and contour your skin. Rejuvenate and stimulate your own body’s natural regenerative powers with high intensity focused ultrasound to achieve smooth, firm and dreamy skin.

What does the Ultraformer MPT do for my skin?

The Ultraformer MPT (Version 4) is specially designed to lift and contour your face and neck areas. Define by Jill offers non-surgical skin tightening consultations using safe and trusted ultrasound methods to help reduce skin laxity and wrinkles, so you leave our clinic with a smooth and youthful glow. Ultraformer MPT is brand new and the gold standard in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology. MPT stands for micro-pulse technology and provides superimposed energy 25 times finer than Version 3 of the Ultraformer. Define by Jill has invested in the Ultraformer MPT because it is almost three times faster, more energy effective, less painful, and gives you better results.

What areas does the Ultraformer MPT treat?

The Ultraformer MPT really shines when it comes to facial contouring. It helps break down unwanted fat in zones around the face and neck that commonly accumulate fat. It can target the jawline, jowls or under and around the chin, folds next to the nose, and across the cheeks (or nasolabial fat pads).

Ultraformer MPT can tackle double chins by blasting fat and tightening the fibro septal network – which gives your skin structure and support. Double chins can react differently to the treatment so before we start we test your skin laxity (it needs to be mild to moderate), make sure you maintain a stable body weight, and have a small to medium volume of fat under the chin.

Ultraformer MPT is a master of facial contouring because it precisely targets fat pads on the face, including the jowls and nasolabial zones. Before we start facial contouring, we check the basics so you are more likely to achieve the desired results. We assess the depth and thickness of your dermal and subcutaneous fat first. We also determine if we need to combine Ultraformer MPT with other lower-face treatments to get you looking and feeling the best you can be.

Does an Ultraformer MPT treatment hurt?

Define by Jill has Version 4 of the Ultraformer MPT, which is virtually painless and exceedingly more comfortable than the previous Ultraformer III. If you have very sensitive skin you may experience some discomfort. Don't worry, we can discuss or help you through the procedure.

How long do Ultraformer MPT treatments take?

Ultraformer MPT is 2.5 times faster than Ultherapy and more comfortable. Depending on the treatment area and condition it can take as little as 2 minutes, however, we allow around 60 minutes, so you get the attention you need. Ultraformer MPT results can be visible in 2 weeks, and usually improve over 3-5 months. Most clients require two to three 30-60-minute sessions to benefit fully from the Ultrformer MPT.

How many Ultraformer MPT treatments give the best results?

Everyone is different, and we take that into account before we suggest an Ultraformer MPT treatment schedule for you. Generally, it will take between 1 and 3 sessions. For example, mild skin laxity may only need 1 session to see results you are happy with. Whereas, stubborn fat deconstruction and dramatic facial contouring, especially, around the chin may take three sessions for optimum results. We can discuss the best plan for you after we have assessed your skin.

Will the Ultraformer MPT work for me?

Define by Jill will assess your skin to ensure you are the best fit to achieve great results with the Ultraformer MPT. We are checking characteristics like:

  • Mild to moderate jowls and lower face laxity
  • Mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Moderate thickness of the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer
  • Little to no sun damage

What things mean I may not be suited to the Ultraformer MPT?

Define by Jill understands that not everybody is suited to Ultraformer MPT (or Ultherapy) treatments. Usually, barriers to achieving the best results include some or all of the following:

  • Delicate or thin skin including the dermis or fat layer, or both
  • Strong or thick skin, such as a deep fat layer
  • Excessive sun damage, where skin repair and collagen need to be restored
  • Moderate to severe skin laxity, when the skin loses too much elasticity
  • Low facial volume or fine features

Why does Define by Jill use Ultraformer MPT over Ultherapy?

Ultraformer MPT and Ultherapy devices both use ultrasound technology to lift, tighten, and improve the structure of your skin. What makes our Ultraformer MPT better than Ultherapy is:

  • Micro-pulsed technology delivers better results
  • Ultraformer MPT is faster
    - faster treatment time, so less time in the chair
    - not as many sessions are needed to see results, so fewer visits to our clinic. Good for you, sad for us :)
  • Better streamlined therapy (or linear coagulation zones)

Can I do other treatments if I use the Ultraformer MPT?

Yes, you can still do certain treatments while undergoing Ultraformer MPT sessions. We may even recommend combining:

Wrinkle reduction treatment around the lower face to soften your muscles and enhance Ultraformer MPT results, which can be performed on the same day.

Collagen-stimulating treatments for the deeper layers of your skin. For some clients, a non-surgical 'liquid lift' combined with Ultraformer MPT can help reduce facial wrinkles and laxity. Factors that can influence this option are skin quality and hydration, facial volume, age, skin rigidity, and tautness.

At Define By Jill, we're all about your safety and satisfaction so let us introduce you to Ultraformer MPT: your new best friend in beauty!


Define By Jill offers treatment consultations for skin tightening using the Ultraformer MPT device. Price for treatment is provided after we have assessed your individual needs and based on the type and amount of sessions you require. We always discuss the timeline and potential costs with you before proceeding with Ultraformer MPT treatment.

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