Treatment 30 minute consult
Preparation Advanced Skin Analysis assessment
Downtime None
Discomfort O O O O O
dermaviduals® bespoke dermatological skin care

dermaviduals® is a revolution in skin care using the science of corneotherapy. A bespoke dermatological range customisable to any skin or condition. It supports the natural skin barrier and prevents ageing. Start your journey to better skin with an Advance Skin Analysis.

This leading science-based corneotherapy cosmeceutical product range formulated by Dr Hans Lautenshlager, in Germany is free of preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers. It is designed to repair your natural skin barrier defence system, and finally enables your skin to function as nature intended.

dermaviduals® is devised with unique specific actives in liposome and nanosome formats, for maximum penetration, and is custom blended into base creams specifically for your current skin condition and therapeutic cycle – so as you change, your products change with you. No two skins are alike, and this incredible range reflects that.

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Advanced Skin Analysis provides you with customised and unique information about your skin. It offers answers to your questions and guidelines for making choices regarding the best skin treatment for you.

Our complete and professional dermaviduals® Advanced Skin Analysis is undertaken by a trained Clinical Corneotherapist. Your Analysis includes the use of skin diagnostic equipment that scientifically measures the four key points of reference needed to determine the health of the skin: hydration, lipid levels, melanin, and erythema (redness).

Your Advanced Skin Analysis results provide Define by Jill with accurate oil and water levels, pigmentation and redness measurements. Combined with a deep visual dermal profiling, plus a holistic review of your lifestyle and cosmetic history, you learn the true qualities of your skin.

An Advanced Skin Analysis is your journey toward measurable and visible results based on applying only customised skin care products and treatments to your skin for your individual needs. Declutter your cabinets of generic one-size-fits-all products and have absolute confidence in your skin care range – put your best face forward with dermaviduals®.

  • Have confidence when choosing skin products.
  • Understand what results are realistic for your skin and your goals.
  • Pick safe products and treatments for your skin.
  • Expect answers about active ingredients and tools used.
  • Know that you will have consistent care for your skin.

Note: The cost of dermaviduals® product/s is dependent on your specific skin care needs and script.

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