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Everything you need to know before having Dermal Filler

Published on March 7, 2022 by Define by Jill

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Dermal Filler is the perfect fix to smooth out your wrinkles, restore mid-face volume loss and enhance those gorgeous lips. It’s countless benefits and youthful results is why so many people love and choose dermal fillers but with its rapid increase in popularity over the past few years, it’s important to be aware of all the dos and don’ts to dermal filler.

As your registered nurse and lead cosmetic injector, I am equipped to share everything you need to know before undergoing dermal filler treatment.

What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal Filler is naturally derived from hyaluronic acid, a substance produced within our bodies to maintain skin volume and hydration. The dermal filler works by boosting the hyaluronic acid in the skin to replicate its volume and hydrating role, leaving you with a natural, softer appearance.

Think of it simply as “wrinkle fillers”. They diminish those deep lines and wrinkles, while also revitalising your skin with enhanced facial contours and added volume to restore facial tissues that have thinned out due to aging.

The results of natural fillers are instantly visible and will last between 3 to 18 months, dependent on the quantity used and the body’s response. Our body naturally breaks down hyaluronic acid, which means the procedure requires upkeep for best results.

Are there any risks?

Like always, every procedure and treatment present benefits and risks which should be known and understood prior to receiving treatment. Dermal fillers that are incorrectly injected can cause migration and formation of lumps, and in very rare cases, can lead to facial vessel damage.

The right amount of filler must be injected at the correct level to obtain the best aesthetic result. If filler is injected too superficially, lumps and shadowing may form. Alternatively, if the filler is injected too deeply, a facial vessel can be hit, which is the lead cause of vascular inclusion. Overuse of filler can also cause unsightly ridges to appear which can distort facial features.

While most complications can be corrected, it is important to receive treatment from a registered and experienced practitioner to avoid these complications from occurring all together.

Having over 10 years of experience, with more than 20 000 successful treatments, I have developed an excellent eye for detail and acquired the skill of precision to perform these procedures as a fully qualified nurse.

The ultimate list of do’s and don’ts of Dermal Filler

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with dermal fillers (Yay!), but first you must be up to date with the aftercare process to ensure you get the best results.

Do drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is important to stimulate the process of healing and repair of the skin as well as to reduce the cause of swelling

Do avoid touching the treated area with your hands or makeup for a minimum of 12 hours

Do apply arnica or hydrocortisone cream to alleviate effects if bruising occurs

Do not use fish oil or any anti-inflammatory treatments as they are a vasodilator which dilate blood vessels

Do not drink hot liquids in the 2 hours proceeding treated. Lignocaine, a type of anesthetic forms part of the injection process and temporary loss of feeling is common as a result

Do not consume any alcohol within 24 hours of treatment as this naturally thins the blood and excessive exercise should also be avoided

How long do I have to wait to see the results?

I’m sure many of you are reaching for a mirror as soon as the treatment is complete, and you would be happy to know that the results are often immediate! Just keep in mind some swelling may be present one to two days post treatment, so the aesthetic results are usually different by the third day.

It is always possible to inject more filler for further results, but much more difficult to diffuse the filler if you are unsatisfied. That is why we like to offer our professional recommendation prior to treatment, to ensure the results are tailored to your individual needs and meet your expectations.

Despite what may seem risky or high maintenance, injectable dermal fillers are in fact the quickest and easiest treatment method to instantly look younger with no downtime necessary. Its popularity is highly attributed to its fantastic results, offering clients an enhanced aesthetic appearance, by sculpting the facial structure, correcting imperfections, boosting confidence, and instantly taking years away.

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